All our pride – Juriko Dream from Russia came to us in December 2016. Our sunshine captivates by his high comprehension and his proud appearance. It seems that he knows exactly how he can wrap us around the finger. Only he did the bill without us. With hard training and a good dog school you can actually control a whirlwind very well. Nevertheless, the fun and the cuddly lesson will not be on the track here, of course!

Juriko Dream from Russia

Date of Birth 24.09.2016
Size 36,5cm
Patella 0/0
Selection Group
Available as stud dog


Swiss Show Champion
German Junior Champion VDH
German Junior Champion Club
Luxembourg Junior Champion
Dutch Junior Champion
Belgian Junior Champion
Benelux Junior Champion
Swiss Junior Beauty Champion


Benelux Junior Winner IDS Luxemburg, 02.09.2017
Rhineland-Palatinate Junior Winner IRA Ludwigshafen, 12.08.2017
Autumn Junior Winner IHA Dortmund, 13.10.2017
Bundes Junior Winner BSA Dortmund, 15.10.2017
Alpine Junior Winner Switzerland IDS Geneva, 18.11.2017
Amsterdam Junior Winner IDS Amsterdam, 09.12.2017
Benelux Junior Winner Brussels Trophy, 16.12.2017
Belgian Junior Winner Brussels Dog Show, 17.12.2017
Crufts 2018 Junior Class 4th Place
Argovia Winner IDS Aarau, 23.06.2018
Golden Winner Golden Dog Trophy Liege, 21.07.2018
Golden Winner Golden Dog Trophy Liege, 22.07.2018

Best in Show

World Japanese Dog Show, 02.06.2018 1st in Couple
MEIERIJSHOW, 05.08.2018 1st in Couple

Short facts

Junior Intermediate/Open/Champion
V1 15x 17x
Reserve CACIB 2x
Junior Best of Breed 9x
Best of Breed 7x 13x
Best Opposite Sex 1x
Qualification Crufts 2018 5x
Qualification Crufts 2019 2x


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