Crufts 2018


From the beautiful hometown Essen the road was ours from the 09.03.2018 into direction of Great Britain! What was our goal? The world’s largest dog show in Birmingham – Crufts!

We had some qualifications for us and then we felt obliged to be there. At the end of the day it was a very exhausting journey but a super great experience. It was also worth it for Juriko – he was able to reach 4th place in the junior class despite strong and much competition. We are very proud of our little polar bear. This is really a great result. For the next year Crufts is scheduled again!

It was also very nice that we could meet so many new people there. Many breeders and exhibitors were there who we have never seen before. The statistics said over 60 Japanese Spitz! For German conditions certainly record-breaking!

Thanks to the judge Nadia Woodhouse.