About us

Who are we?

We are a small Japanese Spitz kennel in the heart of the Ruhr area.
Our pack consists of my girlfriend Janine and me (Roman) and our two Japanese Spitz dogs, Juriko Dream from Russia and Baltik Lain You are my Sunshine. Together we live in the beautiful city called Essen.

When we got our first Japanese Spitz, we did not think for one second that one day we would breed that Japanese Spitz.
Neither would we have thought in our wildest dreams that our dogs are so successful at exhibitions. (Titles our dogs can be found at their own pages)
Certainly a big factor was Erika Riesch where we adopt Juriko. One thing came to another and one day we were on our first exhibition and had discovered our interest in it (More under the heading exhibition).
A quarter of a year later came the decision to adopt another Japanese Spitz. As we pay special attention to the bloodlines of our dogs, Sunny came from Russia in March 2018.

We are planning our first litter not before mid 2019.
Of course, those who want to show interest in a puppy today can do so. As soon as it becomes more current, we will definitely report on Instagram, Facebook and our website as well.

Our dogs are our family and we take them with us everywhere!

Of course we are happy to assist our puppy-buyers before, during and, above all, after the adoption of their puppy.